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Bree Coffey

Bree Coffey discovered Nebraska when her parents moved to Omaha while she was living on her own in her hometown of Redondo Beach, California. When her parents had her make a trip to visit them she said that she instantly “fell in love”. She was in love with how the grass was greener, the people were kinder, the trees were fuller, and the traffic was lighter. When Bree left to go back home she knew in her heart that she belonged in Nebraska. In 2016 after she had turned 22 she packed up her bags and moved back in with her family where they now live in Valley, Nebraska just 25 minutes away from Downtown Omaha.

Bree graduated from West High School (2012) in Torrance, California while suffering with ADD, and dyslexia Bree found that the traditional environment was unable to let her cultivate creativity but stalled her process as she was left teaching herself how to learn. Instead she chose a path to channel this creativity by attending Cinema Makeup School in the heart of Los Angeles graduating the Master Makeup Program where she is specialized in Character, Beauty, Special Effects, prosthetics, and Digital Effects makeup. After graduating she had the chance to work with a model as her personal Makeup artist, going with her to photo-shoots all around the Los Angeles area. Bree has also done multiple wedding jobs and continues this as often as she can while living in Omaha. Bree is currently is the Director Of Operations for an Online Clothing Boutique, which is based out of Omaha, called MADIDA. Additionally Bree has signed a Modeling Contract with Omaha’s own Develop Model Management.

As Miss Nebraska USA she plans to be a role model for others who struggle with similar experiences due to ADD and dyslexia. Having grown up with learning disabilities, being bullied, and now trying to overcome depression and anxiety, her focus with each obstacle has been to look for the positive and learn from every outcome. She want’s to share this outlook with others and show them that they too can overcome their life challenges.

In her spare time she loves to do anything outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, hanging out on the lake in the summer, and on the slopes to snowboard in the winter! She enjoys taking walks in the Old Market area, taking trips to the Henry Doorly Zoo, visiting Val’s Pumpkin Patch in the fall, and enjoys watching Husker football games! Bree has a love for traveling; she’s been to multiple countries and has also traveled all over the United States. She hopes to use this time as Miss Nebraska to keep traveling around the US to talk about her love for Organ Donation and to speak about the importance of this Cause.

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